Movement Maker
Surviving Disruption: Innovation and Digital Transformation Landscape and Tools Today

A Practical Guide for Emerging Leaders On Today’s Innovation and Transformation Landscape and Tools To Navigate Disruptions

Sodan Ray Selva 

What You’ll Learn
  • Why many leading companies today will either transform or die in the next decade
  • Core disruptive elements that are fundamentally overturning businesses today and tools for application
  • Foundations of how 20th century companies can be transformed and what new business models work, today
  • Tools to map an industry and company transformation
  • Techniques to develop and iterate ideas into new disruptive businesses
  • Proven frameworks utilized by multi-billion revenue companies to uncover their innovation and transformation avenue
  • The role of self (individual) transformation to thrive in a world of accelerated disruption
This Course Includes
  • 5 Distinct Sections
  • 19 modules and application exercises
  • Business ready tools and templates
  • Over 10 hours of curated and original content to set foundations for application in the real world.
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Verified reviews

“Sodan is a great instructor because he is able to effectively communicate complex business topics to his students. While most professors teach the material straight out of a textbook, Sodan shows you how the material you are learning will actually be applicable in real-life situations by sharing his own experiences.”

Alex Senemar, CEO of Sherbit (acquired by Medopad)

“Sodan deftly combines theory and practice while trimming everything down to the essentials. I have recommended his classes and youtube channel to several entrepreneurs and friends looking to quickly and efficiently expand their knowledge base…”

Ashley Peterson, former Manager, Mattel

“Sodan is an exceptional executive and business builder. He can be trusted to exceed his commitments. In addition, Sodan recruited and developed a strong team of executives…”

Scott Flanders, CEO, eHealth Inc.

“Sodan’s leadership is unmatched by intensity of his energy, his commitment to the clients, insightfulness of his vision. He is able to balance natural intuition with remarkable logic, rigidity of goals with flexibility to get to them, remarkable integrity with generosity and care, analytical skills with creative passion. Business leaders who have all these tools are extremely rare these days.”

Oleg Vishnepolsky, CTO of DailyMail Online and

“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple. Sodan has a way of transforming a subject that many students find difficult into one that is both enjoyable and straightforward.”

Laura Evans, Partner, Astor Ventures

“I enjoyed this class and teaching method. He challenges his students with thought provoking questions, real life scenarios, and references to the origins of each assignment. It was a pleasure being in this class…”

Diana Lopez, Supply Chain Management, Collins Aerospace