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3 Tips for Solopreneurs to Stay Ahead in a Constantly Changing World

Sodan Selva was on the fast track early in his career. He went to grad school, studied economic development and landed a job in investment banking. But his dream wasn’t to be an investment banker. His dream, from the time he was 9, was to be a musician. So he saved up his money as an investment banker, then quit his job and struck out on his own. It’s the stuff legends are made of...

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Finding Magic at Disney Again: What Would Walt Do?

After many missteps, Disney has finally found early traction with its latest digital offering in the market, Disney+. In the midst of the technology-first fever, did Disney lose sight of the “Walt Disney way”? I believe this is the case and let me explain further.

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Why don’t big companies innovate more?

Many large companies appear sluggish and even confused when it comes to developing disruptive new products or services that set them up to lead the market rather than desperately follow others. In fact, many look to smaller companies, essentially their competitors and venture capital funded start-ups, for innovation in their industries.

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