Draper Venture Network, an alliance of independent venture capital firms, today announced a joint venture with MovementMaker.io, a leader in empowering business leaders with techniques to drive their companies into wholly new directions. They have designed the first operator-crafted transformation toolkit called “Black Swan Offense.” It is designed to build organizations’ internal Innovation DNA as well as give them access to external intelligence and technology via the Draper Venture Network – an open innovation platform of 25+ venture capital firms operating in Silicon Valley and in 60+ tech hubs around the world.

The Movement Maker program provides an operating system of techniques to catalyze innovation movements and drive transformation of legacy companies into wholly new directions. The Draper Venture Network provides an ecosystem and platform that brings the intelligence and operational know-how of cutting edge disruptive emerging businesses around the world. We believe that the marriage of these two – internal empowerment with external open innovation creates bold new movements (“Black Swan directions”) that will drive legacy businesses into leadership positions after this crisis and beyond.

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