Discovering The Roadmap to the Transformative Team

  • Leveraging a data-driven approach to diagnose the root causes of the sub-optimal status quo.
  • Mining for both the manifest and latent strengths and challenges of the team.
  • Co-creating a Transformative Team roadmap to design a bold, optimal future state which we can put into action.
The Roadmap to the Super Team
The Stagnant Team into Super Team Rethread

Rebuilding the Status Quo Team into the Transformative Team

  • Team sessions to address the conscious and subconscious patterns of thinking and behavior to awaken a team’s superpowers
  • Optimizing the team to drive extraordinary results
    • Leading through processes to engage conflict productively
    • Unleashing the team’s and individuals’ strengths and diversity
    • Transcending the team’s self-defeating behaviors and beliefs
    • Aligning deeply to remove ouvert and subtle team frictions

Sodan Ray Selva is a seasoned executive, operator, certified coach and educator with 25+ years experience who has worked in various leadership capacities including in or alongside the C-suite globally. Ray has been the primary catalyst for leaders in the pursuit of transformation at public (The Walt Disney Company), private equity (Blackstone Capital) and venture capital funded (USA, Europe) companies. He works with business teams and leaders at Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 companies and high impact and growth emerging ventures globally. He lives with his wife and two children in Palo Alto, CA.

Andrew Della Rocca

Andrew Della Rocca is a customer success professional, trainer and certified coach. He has worked on developing high-performing teams and individuals globally at public (VMWare), private and venture funded (RallyBright) companies, non-profits (in Brazil) as well as in the public school system (Arlington Public Schools). Andrew’s speciality lies in Conflict Transformation and Organizational Coaching where he has led workshops to unleash the power of conflicts into constructive outcomes. He holds his MSc in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. He lives with his wife and daughter in the Washington, D.C metropolitan area.